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Let's Think In English (LTE) for secondary schools

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About the programme:


Let’s Think in English is a teaching programme created to help students develop the thinking skills necessary for success in English. This is particularly important with the coming changes to GCSE English and their inevitable effect on Key Stage 3 teaching.


Let’s Think in English draws on research by Piaget and Vygotsky that young people learn best when exploring ideas together. The lessons are based on structured challenge and include the development of understanding through discussion (social construction), problem-solving (cognitive challenge) and structured reflection (metacognition) which makes students more aware of their thinking processes and how they think most effectively.


The programme consists of 30+ lessons designed to be used fortnightly, all using English texts – fiction, poetry, non-fiction and film. The lessons are largely oral, based on reading, open-ended questioning and structured group discussion. They systematically develop students’ skills of inference, deduction and analysis, increasing their confidence, understanding and ability to express their ideas. This leads to higher results in written examinations as well as in speaking and listening.


Let’s Think in English is based on 30 years’ research at King’s College London which has shown that structured development of students’ cognitive skills over two years increases their ability. The programme parallels Adey and Shayer’s cognitive acceleration programmes in Science and Mathematics (CASE and CAME) also developed at King’s – see


About the programme leader:


Michael Walsh is the co-creator of LTE; he started development of the programme in June 2009 working with Laurie Smith of King’s College London and a network of KS3 teachers. Michael has developed and trialed the suite of KS3 LTE lessons now being used by 300+ schools, the LTE GCSE lessons for Pearson Edexcel and the KS1 and 2 lessons for primary schools. He has developed the professional development programme for LTE with Laurie Smith at King’s College London.


Michael was a secondary English teacher before being seconded to a collaborative of schools in Islington. He was a senior consultant for the school improvement team in Islington and is the project director of a collaborative of 16 primary schools and 3 secondary schools in Islington where he is responsible for the professional development of all staff. Michael is interested in the professional development of teachers and schools and believes Let’s Think in English is a transformational programme for pupils, teachers and schools alike.

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