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Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

Welcome to NQT Induction in Torbay for 2020-21!

Torbay Teaching School Alliance, as strategic partner of Teaching Schools South West (TSSW) is the appropriate body for NQT Induction in all Torbay schools.  Please find below all the necessary documentation for NQT Induction.  Guidance is statutory for all maintained schools, but not compulsory for academies, free schools or independent schools.  However, most Torbay academies support induction as it is a valuable process of support and professional development for both the NQT and the school. 


Statutory Guidance and NQT Entitlements

NQT Induction is pass/fail and can only be completed once.  NQTs need to show that they are ‘consistently meeting the Teachers’ Standards by the end of Induction’.  If an NQT does not pass Induction they are no longer permitted to work as a teacher in a maintained school.


The guidance states that NQTs need to have:


  • A suitable, qualified Induction Tutor with Qualified Teacher Status
  • A 10% reduced timetable (as well as time for Planning Preparation and Assessment (PPA))
  • Opportunities to see outstanding practice
  • A personalised programme of support
  • Regular observations, reviews and assessments of their practice


Lesson Observations

Each half term the NQT will be formally observed.  These observations need to be planned in advance and a specific focus agreed, linked to the NQT’s areas for development.  Over the induction year, the NQT should be observed in a range of scenarios, e.g. different subjects (primary), different teaching groups (secondary).  Following the observation, the NQT should receive brief oral feedback then written feedback shortly after.  This might be using the school’s observation feedback forms or you might find one of the suggested lesson observation forms useful.  You can find a completed example to download in the appropriate folder below.  There is no statutory expectation to grade lesson observations.


Review Meetings

Following an observation there will be a Professional Review Meeting between the NQT and Induction Tutor.  The NQT’s 10% release time could be used for these meetings.  There needs to be a written record of this meeting, using the enclosed document or your own format.  During the meeting you should review the NQT’s current practice and progress and set new targets - linked to the Teachers’ Standards, school or department priorities or linked to new professional development opportunities that will be happening in the following half term, e.g. parents consultations meetings, report writing, out-of-school visit, summative assessments etc.  You can find a completed example to download in the appropriate folder below.


Formal Assessment

Each term, the school needs to report on the NQT’s progress to the Appropriate Body.  An End of Assessment Phase form needs to be completed by the Induction Tutor and NQT – and agreed by the headteacher - and sent to TSSW Appropriate Body Service, c/o Oldway Primary School, by the end of each academic term.


For full-time NQTs this will be the End of Assessment One, then End of Assessment Two form and the Final Assessment and Recommendation form at the end of induction.


For part-time NQTs, the total number of days towards induction needs to be totalled and recorded and an Interim Assessment Form needs to be completed at the end of each term.  An End of Assessment Phase form is then completed once the total number of days reaches the equivalent of one term (65 days) with the Final Assessment form completed once 195 days have been served.


In these End of Assessment Phase forms, the NQT’s progress towards the Teachers’ Standards needs to be clearly evidenced as well as all CPD, review meetings and observations.  There is also an expectation that the NQT will also observe practice in another school during induction.  Please ensure forms are completed carefully and completely.


Professional Development and Training

Torbay Teaching School Alliance offers professional development sessions each term as part of the ‘core offer’ to all Torbay schools and will be applicable to NQTs in all settings: primary, secondary and special.  There is no cost to Torbay schools for attending these sessions but supply/cover costs need to be covered by the school.  Please see the attached flyer for details.  Bookings are made via the TSSW CPD booking site: (to be launched in September 2020 - please complete the booking form below if you wish to make a booking before the start of term)


We hope that you find NQT Induction valuable and rewarding and wish you well in working towards successfully completing induction.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, queries or concerns.


Warm regards and best wishes for the upcoming year.



Sam Meyer
NQT Lead and Specialist Leader of Education
Torbay Teaching School Alliance


( 01803 557190


Wendy Vreony

Assistant Director
Torbay Teaching School Alliance
( 01803 697634





Torbay Teaching School Alliance offers free CPD opportunities for all NQTs working in Torbay schools over the academic year.  All courses and events are published on the TSSW CPD booking website, to be launched in September 2020. 



Click on the picture below for more details of the NQT Conference 2021, or download the flyer below

Torbay TSA CPD events for NQTs


The following CPD events are free to NQTs in Torbay schools.  Charges apply to NQTs outside of Torbay. 

These events will be delivered online via Zoom.


Introduction to Autism for NQTs

Tuesday 25th May 2021, 13:30 - 15:30


Beyond Induction - Career Pathways for NQTs

Tuesday 29th June 2021, 13:30 - 15:30

Booking form for NQT events 2020-21


TTSA - updated advice re NQT Induction, summer term 2020


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